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Brothers Hood Cleaning has been cleaning restaurant hoods in Hamilton and across the GTA since 2008!  When it comes to degreasing commercial kitchen exhaust system, we have the equipment and experience to get the job done right!

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Professional restaurant hood pressure washing in Hamilton

Brothers Hood Cleaning is family owned and operated.  We have been professionally cleaning restaurant exhaust hoods according to NFPA standards for over 10 years.  Cleaning the stainless steel hood filters is also included in every cleaning job that we do.

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Upon completion of our hood cleaning services, you’ll get the opportunity to inspect our work.  We will not leave until you’re satisfied.  Then, we will provide you with a “certificate of performance” to be posted in your kitchen, to signify the hood was cleaned in accordance with NFPA standards.

Not only do we clean the hood canopy itself, but we clean the ductwork leading up to the roof, and the fan on the rooftop.  Other contractors may give you a price to clean the canopy only.  Although this price will be cheaper and very attractive, it will leave you with a system that’s not in compliance with NFPA standards.  A significant amount of grease builds up on rooftop fan units and inside the ductwork, therefore it’s critical to clean these components on a regular basis for fire safety.

Frequently asked questions about restaurant hood cleaning

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Here is a selection of questions we frequently receive from restaurant owners and managers:


How often do I need to clean my hood?

Cleaning frequency largely depends on the volume of cooking you do in your restaurant and local fire/health standards.  In Southern Ontario, the average cleaning frequency is every 6 months.  Busier restaurants that produce a high volume of grease laden vapours in their cooking will need more frequent cleanings.

How long will the hood cleaning take?

It takes us approximately 2.5 hours to clean an 8 foot hood canopy, ductwork and rooftop fan.  This includes parking our trailer, tarping off all your cooking equipment, spraying our specially formulated degreaser, high-pressure spraying of the hood canopy and hood filters, and then washing the ductwork and rooftop fan.  After the high-pressure spraying is complete, we’ll hand wash/pole wash a few areas under the hood and finish vacuuming any remaining water on the kitchen floor.

When should we do the hood cleaning?

The timing of our cleaning depends on the hours of operation of your restaurant.  For restaurants that open around 10 or 11 AM and close in the evening, we prefer to do the cleanings in the morning, starting at 7 or 8 AM.  If you prefer we do the cleaning at night, after you close for the day, that can also be arranged.  Breakfast restaurants that open early and close in the afternoon, we would do the cleaning after you close.  For 24 hour restaurants, we will work with you to determine the best time to do the cleaning.

How much does restaurant hood cleaning cost?

The cost of restaurant hood cleaning depends on several factors.  The first factor is the size of the hood being cleaned.  Cleaning 6 to 10 foot hoods costs between $600 and $800.  Cleaning larger than 10 feet or cleaning a second hood in the same kitchen will cost more.  The second factor is the current state of grease build up in the hood system.  If it has been a long time since your last cleaning (longer than 6 months or a year), it will take us longer to clean the hood down to bare metal, so an extra charge will result.  The third factor is accessibility.  Ductwork and rooftop units that are difficult to access will result in extra charges due to the extra time involved.

Do you need access to the roof?

Yes, we will need to coordinate roof access.  Some plazas/strip malls have a utility room with a built in ladder leading up to the roof.  Our crew will use that whenever possible and oftentimes access needs to be cleared with the landlord first.  In other cases, we’ll use a ladder to get up on the roof.

What do I need to have ready prior to your arrival?

Before we do the hood cleaning, all cooking equipment under the hood needs to be shut off.  But it’s okay if the equipment is still hot when we arrive - we use heat resistant tarps.  All food needs to be removed from the equipment under the hood and from a couple of feet all around the hood.  Finally, any electrical outlets under the hood need to be shut off at the breaker prior to the start of our cleaning.

More info about restaurant hood cleaning in Hamilton

As a restaurant owner, one of your biggest obligations is cleanliness; you cannot possibly run a successful business without ensuring that you are meeting all the health and safety standards required. Ensuring that you have a spotless kitchen is one of the most important steps to proper cleanliness, because when a kitchen is improperly clean, or neglected, it not only becomes a health hazard, but a safety and fire hazard as well.

Over the course of a kitchen’s operation, it is only natural that grease should accumulate, the only issue with this is that when a surplus of grease begins to accumulate, it becomes highly flammable, which is why it’s important that you keep your commercial kitchen hood and exhaust properly maintained – the last thing anyone would want is to risk injury to your employees and customers, and damage to your equipment and property.

Your restaurant hood is responsible for filtering smoke out of your kitchen, and when your exhaust system becomes blocked, it becomes unable to draw out the contaminated air; which means the air quality in your business will be negatively impacted, and your staff and patrons will be left breathing in the unfiltered air. This in turn can have a severe effect on everyone’s health, as a filtration system with sufficient build-up becomes a breeding ground for mould, mildew, and bacteria, since the grease and moisture make the perfect conditions for them to grow rampantly.

The frequency in which you should clean your restaurant hood varies based on the type of system you have and the volume of cooking your establishment does. If you have a solid fuel burning stove, such as wood or charcoal, or operate a fast food or other 24-hour restaurant, you should have your kitchen hood cleaned monthly. Quarterly (every three months) if you own a restaurant with a fairly high volume of customers, or do charbroiling or wok cooking. Semi-annually (twice a year) if you have a moderate/average volume establishment, or own a pizza restaurant. Annually (once a year) if you experience a lower volume of customers, perhaps you are only open seasonally, or operate a kitchen at a church or day camp.

If your kitchen hoods are over non-grease appliances, you may also have them cleaned annually as well, as they will experience much less build-up than a hood that is above a fryer or stove-top.

In order to pass an inspection, you must make sure that your restaurant’s kitchen hood(s) and exhaust system are cleaned to the metal; this means that absolutely no build-up is left behind, because of how hazardous an improperly cleaned kitchen can be. Grease removal alone requires a fair amount of elbow grease, and when you add on the intricacies of your kitchen it becomes even more taxing. There are filters, fans, grease traps, and duct work that all need to be deep-cleaned to the point of being spotless; this can be particularly difficult to do if you are not really familiar with the complexities of your system – and that is okay! This is exactly when you should employ the help of professionals, like Brothers Hood Cleaning Hamilton.  We are expertly trained to safely and thoroughly clean each nook and cranny; ensuring the longevity of your equipment, and safety of your restaurant staff and patrons.

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